Corporate Information

Gorosabel Group is a growing company, a group where the human value of our professionals, constant innovation with the intra-entrepreneurship result in the added value offered to all customers, all of which are the pillars where the company bases its knowledge structure. Highly qualified and experienced professionals and modern facilities equipped with the latest technologies make it possible to offer a professional service to various sectors to which it directs its activity.

The Business Group includes come divisions composed by units offering solutions to a wide range of sectors:

  • Gorosabel Solar Energy: Focused on renewable energies, it has 2 units: Photovoltaic (equipment and integral solutions for PV module lines fabrication) and Solar Thermal (integral solutions for thermal collector fabrication)
  • Gorosabel Industrial Applications: Based on Industrial automation, it has 2 units: Automation (automation projects developments for all kind of industrial equipments and processes) and Automatic Lines (customized solutions for handling, automation and robotic applications)
  • Gorosabel Stone: This division manufactures Gadia machines, NC machines for natural stone elaboration; with a long experience in stone market, Gadia is one of the leading brands in Spanish stone market.

Gorosabel Group has its own R&D unit called Gorosabel I+D+I, specialized in the research, development and innovation tasks, and also in new entrepreneurship project developments, with the following objectives:

  • Development of new technical innovations for sectors where Gorosabel Group bases its activities
  • Competitive advantage achievement in referred sectors
  • Thanks to entrepreneurship, new projects development to offer a wider range of solutions to the market