A little history

Electricidad Gorosabel was founded in 1957 by Máximo and Isidro Gorosabel, a company oriented to the world of electricity by concentrating its activities in electrical installations in homes, repair of small appliances and motors winding works.

Since 1963, its activity is redirected to the industrial world as a specialist in industrial automation starting to work for major companies located in the machine tool environment; as the automation work demand grows up, news infrastructures and human resources join the company to adequately respond to this demand, establishing partnerships with some leading firms of the machine tool industry.

In 1991, Electricidad Gorosabel SA, Gadia SA and Urkunde, SA creates DAM Business Group, with the aim of offering a complete service to industry and taking profit of internally created synergies within the group, to achieve greater resource efficiency and to diversify the target sectors and be more competitive in all of them.

In 1995 Aqua-Tecnicas de Corte he joined the group in order to investigate the technology of water jet cutting engineering developed by Gadia.

In 1999, a new division is created within Electricidad Gorosabel dedicated to the development of equipment for the renewable energy sector, specifically for the photovoltaic industry; this new division is called Gorosabel Solardam.

In 2005 the company moved to new facilities located in the industrial area of Kurutzgain in Mendaro (Gipuzkoa) and 2 divisions are created within the organization: Gorosabel Automatica specialized in industrial automation and Gorosabel Solar Energy, a division dedicated to the development of equipment and integral solutions for manufacturing lines of both photovoltaic and thermal modules.

Nowadays, Gorosabel Group business group consists of various divisions that includes business units that provide solutions to various sectors: Gorosabel Solar Energy focused on renewable energies (photovoltaic and thermal), Gorosabel Industrial Applications specialized in industrial automation and its applications in industrial processes, and Gorosabel Stone oriented world of natural stone. It has also an R&D unit called Gorosabel I+D+I and two international offices in Beijing (China) and Santiago (Chile).