Gorosabel Group in Emprende 2010 Conference

Emprende 2010 is the National Entrepreneurship Forum, an initiative promoted by the Basque Government through SPRI and supported by the Provincial Councils and institutions operating in entrepreneurship. Within the program of activities planned in this forum a conference titled “entrepeneur people” will be held on October 18 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre BEC of Barakaldo; this will bring together different actors related to entrepreneurship who will exhibit and share with the audience their experience as entrepreneurs in various fields.

The intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship within an existing organization is something that has always been developing in growth and innovation-oriented companies, but in recent times it is a very used term used because companies to be able to join the new context we are nowadays facing, have to rethink their strategies and open new business lines.

Within the program of events there will be a discussion forum which will treat key issues related to entrepreneurship, based in the experiences of people who are participating or have participated in this kind of experience through their organizations.

The Director of R&D&i and entrepreneurship of Gorosabel Group, Mr. Jon Urtizberea will take part in this forum who will share with participants his experience of entrepreneurship developed within Gorosabel group.

List of Speakers:

  • Telmo Labayen (CAF)
  • Iratxe Acha (Saiolan, C.E.I. de Mondragón, S.A.)
  • Jon Urtizberea (Gorosabel Group)
  • Javier San Martín (Wide World Geographic Services, S.L.)
  • Joseba Sagastigordia (Proiek Habitat y Equipment S.A.)
  • Rafael Amasorrain (Ulma)