Gorosabel wins the Tecnological Award in Toribio Echevarria 2010

During the event that took place in Coliseo theatre in Eibar (Gipuzkoa), our company has been awarded with the prestigious Toribio Echeverria 2010 award within the technological area. The project awarded is called Akualur, a project that has developed modular tanks for fish growing processes automatic monitoring and control. Members of different government organizations attended the event, such as Mr Markel Olano the prime Deputy of Gipuzkoa, Mr. Bernabe Unda the prime councilor of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism issues of Basque Government , Miguel de los Toyos the mayor of the city of Eibar and Mr. José Ramón Guridi, Innovation Deputy and president of Bic Gipuzkoa Berrilan. Mr. Josu Jon Imaz, Petronor and Energy Cluster president, gave an interesting lecture titled as “Energía, sector de la oportunidad” about the importance of Energy in the future. The complete list of awarded companies is the following one: New Business ideas and projects: INNOVATE & TRANSPORT . New Business ideas and projects, technological area: TIRE-TEXTILES New Companies: NEM SOLUTIONS. New Companies,Technological Area: GOROSABEL Internationalization: ANBOTO EUROPE Enterprising Excellence: EPSILON EUSKADI Our most sincere congratulations to all the Gorosabel staff and in particular to the members of the team in charge of this ambitious and exciting project Congratulations !!