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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Al lthe members of Gorosabel Group wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2013.

Gorosabel Industrial Applications Presentation Video

It is already available the Gorosabel Industrial Applications unit Presentation Video. Click below to see it.

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Gorosabel I+D+i Presentation Video

It is already available the Gorosabel I+D+i unit Presentation Video. Click below to see it.

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Gorosabel Group Company Profile available

It is already available the Company Profile of Gorosabel Group Business Group. this document include complete information about the divisions and business units that belongs to the group and theri main activities:

This document is available in Document section of Gorosabel Group


Gorosabel Group New Website

New GG Website

From 1st December, the new website Gorosabel Group is already active . With this new design we offer a more intuitive website, offering to the visitor a better usability, more streamlined navigation and more information about the group and the divisions that comprise it. It is availabe in English, Spanish and Euskera and it will include also a chinese version soon. We hope you will enjoy with the new interface.

We will also include new content in the Press Room area to keep you informed of everything concerning our company and its products

Visit of Mutriku Aquaculture School students

Mutriku Aquaculture School Students visit

Students listening the explanations during the visit

On May 23rd, we received in our facilities the visit of students from the Aquaculture School of Mutriku (Gipuzkoa, Spain) in order to see on-site the features and technical characteristics of Akualur project, a project focused in Aquaculture and developed by our R&D unit. The Aquaculture school of Mutriku is the only one specialized in Aquaculture in all the Basque Country and provides the training cycle for Aquaculture Production to obtain the advanced degree of Aquaculture Technician. It started its activity in 2003 and in 2006 the first class of technicians specialized in Aquaculture was released to the market.

During the visit, the students could know the main characteristics of Akualur project, which is based on the idea of the production of modular ponds with autonomous functionality for recirculation aquaculture. The principal technical features of the project were explained to the students, who paid great attention and were really interested in developed system.

Furthermore, they visited the facilities of the rest of the business units of Gorosabel Group, where the solutions developed by our company for renewable energies were shown to the students, such as solar thermal collector production lines or photovoltaic panel production systems.

Gorosabel Group at the 4th Annual Meeting on Cooperation as a strategy

IV Meeting About Cooperation

Image of Meeting about Cooperation

The consulting firm Sayma arranged a special meeting dedicated to the importance of business cooperation as an essential tool for business survival in tough times we are nowadays facing. The conference, supported by Kutxa and Adegi was held in the Auditorium of Kutxa situated in Andia street in Donostia-San Sebastian where representatives of institutions and companies from the province of Gipuzkoa shared their ideas about the business cooperation as key factors to overcome the current difficult situation.

A symposium titled “Cooperation in the current situation” closed the meeting where members of different companies explained and shared with the audience their successful experiences after applying strategies based on business cooperation. Mr. Angel Loiola, Managing director of Gorosabel Group explained the great results obtained in the organization after developing strategies based on international business cooperation, which has made a significant and growing presence of Gorosabel in international markets, particularly in the Asian area in countries like China and India.

Mr. José Miguel Ayerza, general secretary of the Employers Association of the province of Gipuzkoa, closed the event encouraging companies to overcome fears and to make a step in the implementation of cooperation strategies in order to improve the competitiveness of the companies

The first National Entrepreneurship Forum “Emprende 2010″ successfully closed

Mr. Jon Urtizberea in Emprende 2010

The Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Gemma Zabaleta closed the first edition of the National Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 held at Bilbao Exhibition Centre of Barakaldo on 18th October. This first edition aims to promote entrepreneurship in Euskadi for which the Basque Government announced that it will invest more than 9 million euros for subsidies and programs related to corporate entrepreneurship.

Mr. Jon Urtizberea, Director of R&D&i and entrepreneurship of Gorosabel Group participated in a round table organized during the conference where he shared the experience of entrepreneurship developed within our organization.

For further information, click here where you will find images and videos of the conference

Gorosabel Group in Emprende 2010 Conference

Emprende 2010 is the National Entrepreneurship Forum, an initiative promoted by the Basque Government through SPRI and supported by the Provincial Councils and institutions operating in entrepreneurship. Within the program of activities planned in this forum a conference titled “entrepeneur people” will be held on October 18 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre BEC of Barakaldo; this will bring together different actors related to entrepreneurship who will exhibit and share with the audience their experience as entrepreneurs in various fields.

The intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship within an existing organization is something that has always been developing in growth and innovation-oriented companies, but in recent times it is a very used term used because companies to be able to join the new context we are nowadays facing, have to rethink their strategies and open new business lines.

Within the program of events there will be a discussion forum which will treat key issues related to entrepreneurship, based in the experiences of people who are participating or have participated in this kind of experience through their organizations.

The Director of R&D&i and entrepreneurship of Gorosabel Group, Mr. Jon Urtizberea will take part in this forum who will share with participants his experience of entrepreneurship developed within Gorosabel group.

List of Speakers:

  • Telmo Labayen (CAF)
  • Iratxe Acha (Saiolan, C.E.I. de Mondragón, S.A.)
  • Jon Urtizberea (Gorosabel Group)
  • Javier San Martín (Wide World Geographic Services, S.L.)
  • Joseba Sagastigordia (Proiek Habitat y Equipment S.A.)
  • Rafael Amasorrain (Ulma)


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