X link OEM In-line


Laytec X Link OEM

With the LayTec X Link system various application scenarios are feasible:

  1. Directly after the laminator, thus performing the test while the module is still at high temperature and cooling down
  2. Integration into the cooling-press of a laminator
  3. Integration further down the production line with employment of local heating
  4. Off-line metrology station

Applications according to scenarios 2 and 4 are commercially available from LayTec and its partners. However, module manufacturers, testing labs and others may want to integrate the X Link system into their own applications and automation like in-line, at-line, off-line, mapping stations etc. For this purpose, LayTec offers an X Link OEM system that facilitates versatile integration with particular but not exclusive regards to the four application scenarios listed above.LayTec X Link OEM Specifications

The X Link OEM system consists of three main parts: The base unit (containing PLC logic, interfaces, and power supplies), at least one measurement head and its corresponding counter bearing. Multiple measurement-head-counter-bearing pairs can be connected to one base unit for simultaneous measurements.

The measurement sequence involves the operation of both the X Link OEM system and the automation of the metrology stage that the X Link OEM system is integrated into. The automation drives the measurement head and the counter bearing towards each-other so as to clamp the solar module between them.

Once the module is clamped and the measurement is enabled by the automation, the temperature of the module is tracked by the measuring head. Once the measurement is enabled and the required temperature range is reached, the measurement of the cross-linking degree takes about six seconds. After that a “measurement completed” signal is provided by the Integration Kit. Now module is released by the automation.

The measurement results can be presented via a variety of field bus options, TCP/IP, currents, or voltage.