X link Off-line


LayTec X Link off-line

LayTec’s X Link off-line metrology system provides -within seconds- non-destructive and highly accurate measurements of the EVA cross-linking degree at every stage of a solar module’s life cycle, immediately after lamination, before shipment, at risk handover, or of modules from the field.

The manual off-line version allows multiple point measurements on laminates, out-of-production modules, and modules from the field. No sample preparation required. Map out the real homogeneity of the laminate. The software will keep track of your measurements. Compare results between shifts, lines, locations, weeks or years.

Using LayTec X Link off-line could not be easier for engineers and operators. The user simply positions the module under the measurement head, supported by laser cross-hair targetting. The measurement is performed automatically. A touch panel provides intuitive operation, data display, and database upload. Non-destructiveness proven by 1000+ hours damp heat test.

This setup is a highly useful quality control tool for module manufacturers, investors, certifiers, insurances, and consultants.