Why Laytec X Link

This system is the ideal solution for panels quality measurement. Why?

LayTec X Link off-line p02

Laytec X Link System offers the following FEATURES:

      • Non-destructive method
      • Very Flexible System
      • Easy Handling System
      • Testing time of seconds
      • In-line measurement capability
      • 100% coverage for process control and quality assurance
      • Module mapping option
      • Data output in “% gel content”
      • Multi-point measurement capability
      • Sturdy design for industrial application

Laytec X Link System offers the following BENEFITS:

      • No more scrapping of laminates
      • Easy integration into existing production lines
      • 2D module quality control
      • Feedback control of lamination process
      • Gapless quality assurance
      • Fast ROI