New Stringer GTS-18 2000 cycles (1800 c/h)


The New GTS-18

The new stringer model of GOROSABEL named GTS-18 is a milestone in Tabber & Stringer history. This machine has real capacity of 2000 cycles (1800 c/h based on 10 cell/string), being the fastest single stringer in the market, with 50% higher production capacity than traditional 1200 c/h stringers. It is an important step in the cost per watt reduction for PV module manufacturers.

Apart of the high capacity, this machine is equipped with the latest technology in soldering equipments:

  • Accurate vision system for cell inspection and positioning
  • Advance flux application system by means of electric valves
  • Soldering process control by temperature with close loop (PID)
  • Very progressive cooling curve to minimize cell stress after soldering

This machine gives to customer very important benefits, such as:

  • Lowest floor space occupation. More capacity in same space
  • Lowest operator quantity needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Accurate and continuous process control. High process reproducibility
  • Cost per watt reduction
  • Robust machine for 24 hours operation

Besides, GOROSABEL has also launched the ideal complement for this stringer model: the lay-up GLU-36P that is able to work with 2 stringers GTS-18. It has a capacity of 3600 c/h (based on 10 cell/string) using a single 6-axis robot. This lay-up can be delivered with a positioning system or with an advance vision system for the quality inspection and positioning of the strings.

The system composed by 2 GTS-18 stringer and one GLU-36P lay-up produces 3600c/h in a fully automatic way, using the minimum space.

GOROSABEL is a dynamic company with long experience in solar business, delivering high tech solutions for the most demanding customers. It is a leading company in cell soldering and inspection, offering machinery or turnkey lines solutions according to customer request.