Visit of Mutriku Aquaculture School students

Mutriku Aquaculture School Students visit

Students listening the explanations during the visit

On May 23rd, we received in our facilities the visit of students from the Aquaculture School of Mutriku (Gipuzkoa, Spain) in order to see on-site the features and technical characteristics of Akualur project, a project focused in Aquaculture and developed by our R&D unit. The Aquaculture school of Mutriku is the only one specialized in Aquaculture in all the Basque Country and provides the training cycle for Aquaculture Production to obtain the advanced degree of Aquaculture Technician. It started its activity in 2003 and in 2006 the first class of technicians specialized in Aquaculture was released to the market.

During the visit, the students could know the main characteristics of Akualur project, which is based on the idea of the production of modular ponds with autonomous functionality for recirculation aquaculture. The principal technical features of the project were explained to the students, who paid great attention and were really interested in developed system.

Furthermore, they visited the facilities of the rest of the business units of Gorosabel Group, where the solutions developed by our company for renewable energies were shown to the students, such as solar thermal collector production lines or photovoltaic panel production systems.